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TITLE: Unrivaled
AUTHOR: Alyson Noel
PUBLISHER: Katherine Tegen Books
PAGES: 432 pages
SERIES: Beautiful Idols (Book 2 due out May 2017)
GENRE: ChickLit, Mystery

SUMMARY: Tommy is an Oklahoma boy who moved to LA to become a rock star and find his rich and famous father. Layla is a good girl who will go to any length to get to journalism school in New York. Aster is a spoiled princess who just wants to get her name out there as the hottest new model. The thing that these three have in common is they've all just agreed to do anything it takes to win Ira Redman's competition to promote his nightclubs. Aster is in it for the fame, Layla is in it for the money, and Tommy is in it to finally prove his worth to his father. But to what extent will they go to win? Blackmail... sex... murder?  

WHAT I LIKED: This book is kind of like Gossip Girl meets The Apprentice. There is just enough drama to excite any high school girl to read this book, but the drama doesn't stop. It will keep any reader completely enthralled till the very end and then begging for book number two!

WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: I didn't like that the main characters were all eighteen-years-old but hired to promote a nightclub where underage drinking and drugs are very prominent. At the beginning of the story, Layla's boyfriend is upset with her for getting involved in this scene because his brother died of an overdose right outside the club door. In another scene, Layla and Tommy, step behind the bar to take shots of the top shelf tequila. Don't even get me started on all of the talk about sex, and how Aster gets drunk, sleeps with a famous actor only to wake up and not remember a thing. coming from Alyson Noel, I was disappointed in all of the mature situations presented in this book. 

READALIKES: Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepard

BOOK TRAILER: this blog was posted before the book's publishing date and a book trailer has not been made at this time

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