Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blog Entry #3: The Machine is Us/Using Us

"The title of the video that you were asked to view this week is "Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/Using Us." Referencing what you have learned about Web 2.0 through the readings in the Courtney text and through watching the video, why do you think that Professor Wesch gave this title to the video?"

I really enjoyed watching the video about Web 2.0, I loved how the author started out talking about machines, but by the end of the video made the comparison that we are the machines. By naming this video Web 2.0, Wesch made sure to point out all of the different types of tools that go under that category: blogs, wikis, videos, digital photos, etc. He also showed how vast the internet is and (what I thought was amazing) how it is all put out there by people. He mentions, "who will organize all this data? we will!" I love that! We are the machine because the internet would not exist if it weren't the people blogging every .5 seconds or uploading new videos to youtube. We are the machine!

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