Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blog Entry #4: The Job of Organizing

"Organizing books and materials used to be in the domain of professionally trained catalogers and indexers. Now, through Web 2.0, it is in the hands of everyday "folk." What are the implications of this trend for librarians? Also, for additional food for thought, go to your Delicious site and examine your list of tags. In your opinion, are these tags more or less helpful than traditional subject headings?"

When I think of organization, I always consider things alphabetically. I don't know if it is the OCD in me or what, but my entire DVD and CD collection is set up alphabetically. I think that creating websites like Delicious is great for "everyday folk". It allows people to create their own organization as well as making it available for other people to see and search as well. But at the same point, it can be a burden. There are people out there who take advantage of websites like delicious, and might go "tag crazy" or people who might purposely use tags that are wrong or misleading. As a librarian, I think it is not only our job to catalog and organize, but to also teach librarian patrons how to not only correctly use the cataloging system, but how to use it in their own lives.

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