Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blog Entry #5: Conclusion

For the last blog entry for my SLIS 5720 class, I was given a choice of three topics. However, I felt that I had something to comment on each topic, therefore I decided to answer all three questions.

1. At the beginning of this course, you were asked to assess your present strengths and weaknesses in technology. Has your assessment changed? If so, how?
In my first blog entry back in January I mentioned that I was most looking forward to learning how to blog and incorporate it into my classroom. I feel that over the past several months I have become a blog expert. Not only do I use it in class all the time, but it also helped me score higher in the technology aspect of my PDAS evaluation. My principal is very impressed and has even used it as an example in a recent faculty meeting.

2. How do you plan to keep up with new innovations in technology once you have completed your classes at UNT?
I have learned a lot this semester about different types of technology to incorporate into my classroom. I even recently convinced my department head to purchase mp3 players to use in the Reading classrooms. This summer, I plan on attending a training over using SmartBoards in the classroom.

3. What specific plans do you have for implementing technology in an educational setting as a result of what you have learned in 5720?
I plan on incorporating my class blog at the beginning of the year. I hope to make it available to parents to post questions or to even allow students to post questions when they are at home working on an assignment. I plan on doing more computer research in my classroom, not that I know how to correctly research and how to evaluate a website.

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  1. That is wonderful to hear that your blogging has actually helped you score higher on your evaluation!