Monday, October 12, 2015


AUTHOR: Sara B. Larson
PAGES: 336 pages (Book 2: Ignite, Book 3:Endure)
GENRE: Fantasy

SUMMARY: Alexa Hollen and her twin brother, Marcel become orphans when their parents are killed by a black sorcerer. In order to avoid being sent to the Breeding Houses, Alexa chops off her hair and spends the next three years pretending she is a boy. She joins the army, becomes one of the kingdom's best fighters and eventually becomes Prince Damien's personal guard. After her brother's death, Alex worries about her keeping her secret, but soon realizes she isn't the only one with a big secret. 

WHAT I LIKED: I liked the storyline for this book: evil king banishes magic while the protagonist has to not only hide her gender but also her magic in fear of being discovered. Of course, there is a love triangle, like most young adult novels. 

WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: I really enjoyed Book One: Defy. It had a great storyline with a happy ever after. I was excited to be able to begin book two (Ignite) immediately, but it was very disappointing. The story started out slow, and then seemed lacking in action. Overall, book two seemed to end abruptly. I'm really hoping to come out on a positive note, after I finish book three: Endure. 


BOOK TRAILER: Official Book Trailer by Ideas for Hollywood

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