Friday, April 8, 2016

We Are All Made of Molecules


TITLE: We Are All Made of Molecules
AUTHOR: Susin Nielsen
PUBLISHER: Wendy Lamb Books
PAGES: 248 pages
GENRE: Realistic Fiction, Comedy
APPROPRIATE AGE: grades 8-12 

SUMMARY: Stewart is a socially awkward boy genius, Ashley is the most popular girl in school. Their worlds collide when Stewart and his dad move in with Ashley and her mom. Stewart always wanted a sister, but Ashley doesn't want to be seen with him in public. When Stewart's bully starts dating Ashley, Stewart thinks this can work toward his advantage. But when Stewart finds out what Jared, the bully, really thinks about his semi-stepsister, Stewart begins to wonder if he should step in and help the girl who makes his life hell every day.

FAVORITE QUOTE: "I have to wait another two years before I can hire a lawyer and get unconstipated." Just an example of how much an airhead Ashley is. 
WHAT I LIKED: Normally, it is easy for me to say I love the characters of the books I read. However, with this book, it was not the case. Stewart is a total nerd, who is socially awkward, and has a hard time making friends. Ashley is a total airhead who doesn't care who she puts down, as long as she maintains her spot on the social ladder. For the first several chapters, I absolutely hated both of the characters. However, the alternating point of views helped ease the annoyance of each character's story. It was nice to hear about one situation from Stewart's point of view and then hear the same situation told from Ashley's point of view in the next chapter. Overall, the message of the story is clear, and you're able to see the aspects of bullying from several different aspects up and down the social ladder.

WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: When I purchased this book for my middle school library, all of the reviews recommended it for grades 7-10. It was even part of the state of Texas's Lone Star Book List for 2016. I do not feel this book is appropriate for seventh graders. It's really pushing it for eighth graders. There are a lot of cuss words in the book (I always ask why the author feels the need to do this. Adding curse words into a book automatically makes me think it is not middle school appropriate). There are also mature scenes that involve drinking, and sexual situations (rape). 

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