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TITLE: Passenger
AUTHOR: Alexandra Bracken
RELEASE DATE: January 2016
PAGES: 486 pages
SERIES: Book 1 in the 
GENRE: Science Fiction
APPROPRIATE AGE: grades 9-12

SUMMARY: Henrietta is a violin prodigy, but when she walks on stage for her big debut, something life-changing happens. A loud noise, the death of a close friend, and then she is pushed through a portal to a different time where pirates are real and the expectations of women are a whole lot different. Henrietta quickly learns that not only is she a time traveler, but she comes from a long line of them; a whole life that her mother kept hidden from her. And now she is forced to travel through time portals,with the help of Henry (a fellow traveler) to find the astrolabe that her mother hid from the Grand Master. But should she return the astrolabe to save her mother or destroy it to protect the future? How can Etta make such a big decision about a life that she still truly doesn't understand? 

FAVORITE QUOTE: "Etta had lived through a sea battle. She's survived the scheming of old, power-hungry men; the Blitz; a tiger; a cobra; and a gunshot-and she was denying herself this, out of fear that it might hurt later? What would hurt worse: the regret that she tried, or the regret that she didn't?"

WHAT I LIKED: I enjoyed all of the world building in this story. Etta had to travel to several different time periods and locations: New York City-1776, London-1940, Angkor-1685, Paris-1880, and Damascus-1599. Through each time portal, she had to figure out how to dress, how to behave, and how to fit in. It seemed like Alexandra Bracken did a lot of research for these different locations and time periods to make this story accurate.

WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: The book starts out extremely slow. It took me about a week to get through the first three chapters (I usually finish books in less than a week). It wasn't even till after the first seven chapters that it even picked up speed, and even then it was a slow crawl. Overall I was completely disappointed by this book. I am such a HUGE fan of Alexandra Bracken's Dark Minds series that I really wanted to love this new series. But I kept reading this book wondering where is the action? Well it comes in the last chapter. 

READALIKES: The Ruby Red trilogy by Kerstin Gier

SERIES UPDATE: Book two: Wayfarer is due out January 2017.

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