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TITLE: Shiver
AUTHOR: Maggie Stiefvater
RELEASE DATE: August 2009
PUBLISHER: Scholastic
PAGES: 392 pages
SERIES: Book 1 of 4 in The Wolves of Mercy Falls series
GENRE: Supernatural
APPROPRIATE AGE: grades 9-12

SUMMARY: Grace has always been mesmerized by the wolves that live in the woods behind her house. She can sit at the window and watch the beautiful yellow eyed wolf for hours. What she doesn't know, is that he has been watching her as well. When Grace and Sam's paths cross, she realizes they might have more in common than she ever imagined, and she will do anything to save her yellow-eyed wolf.

FAVORITE QUOTE: "I didn't think I belonged here in her world, a boy stuck between two lives, dragging the dangers of the wolves with me, but when she said my name, waiting for me to follow, I knew I'd do anything to stay with her."

WHAT I LIKED: Supernatural books became the popular trend when Twilight came out. All the girls wanted a vampire or werewolf boyfriend. But Shiver puts an entire spin on the story. A boy that is the perfect boyfriend for half the year (think, summer vacation) and then becomes a wolf for the winter. What girl wouldn't everything they could to keep that boy warm all winter long?

WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: This story is definitely a mushy-gushy love story. One of those, "I know we just met, but I would die without you" types of stories. It's perfect for a teenager, but as an adult, I look back and realize it is never as dramatic as you think. So what I don't like about this story, is the same thing that will make any teenage girl completed obsessed about it.

READALIKES: Twilight sage by Stephenie Meyer


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